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What's it all about?

Self Optimised was created from an obsession with growth, self reflection and improvement; The Japanese practise of Kaizen (改善) and Hansei (反省).
Constantly learning, applying, and adapting my behaviours, habits & routines towards the elusive goal of self-mastery.
I wanted a source to have the best info, filtered, combined, and hand delivered to me, instead of scouring the internet for hours a day. It seemed others desired the same thing. Thus, Self Optimised was born.

The Author

I'm Isaac. 👋🏻
A consultant, learner and creator.
I do a few things pretty often:
Run a health & fitness consulting businessThis newsletterStudy neuroscience & psychologyWrite articles, and a book

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Time is invaluable. How much do you actually get accomplished with yours?
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Mental performance is an unsizeable advantage in the workplace. Let's use science to upgrade yours.

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